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Stop checking your email so much!

More stress. Less focus. Not a good deal at all, is it? So turn off the popup notifier, and designate two times during your workday to check and process email. Here’s the story, from Mediabistro:

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Being productive when your mind is a veritable playground

If I was to (oh, look at the butterfly) audit the time I actually get down to writing (cool … shiny object!) I’d be amazed I get anything done (the bathroom really needs cleaning). Such an audit (squirrel!) would indicate … Continue reading

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The company you keep can make all the difference

Associate with people who are likely to improve you. — Seneca I found this in The DaVinci Dilemma, and it’s good stuff. It holds that you are the average of the five people closest to you. In other words, you … Continue reading

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Getting up early in the morning: It takes a village

Rumor has it I’m pure evil when I wake up in the morning, or at least until I’ve had some coffee in my system. It takes me a while to unwind myself from my rack, even longer to get myself … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting: It’s an art

I’ve been knowing this man called Pcunix for about a year. We began reading each other’s stuff on Hubpages, and we regularly follow each other’s literary meanderings. In the interest of making things work, I must share his recent piece … Continue reading

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Hipster PDA: Many uses for index cards

It’s still my favorite personal productivity hack, and even though I’m all plugged in with the electronic toys (including an Android phone) I still go back to the Hipster PDA. Shoot, I can spill coffee on it (occupational hazard) but … Continue reading

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