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Gettin’ Geeky 1: Personal to-do list

Personal to-do list: Deadline: Whenever. – Install second hard drive (has Windows XP), put it in lede position. Reconfigure Grub boot loader. Partition; XP may get 10 gigabytes if I’m feeling generous. Use the rest for experiments. – Install Vector … Continue reading

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Google Chrome license agreement fixed

Update on Google Chrome: The End User License Agreement has been fixed to remove the most objectionable qualities (the ones I mentioned in previous posts). This looks a whole lot better. (This is taken from the download page, as you … Continue reading

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Some stats … ’cause I can

Just for giggles, I was able to compile stats of the last 50 people who browsed on the sister site, The Column Reloaded, to illustrate which operating systems and Web browsers are being used by my readers. Operating systems: 4 … Continue reading

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Google promises privacy fixes in Chrome

Google is taking steps to mask the identities of those who use the new Chrome browser, the Washington Post reported. According to Jane Horvath of Google, the company — which dominates the Internet search world (when people do a Web … Continue reading

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License agreement for Chrome has ugly aspects

With all the publicity of Google’s new Chrome browser, there are a few issues that are turning up. There seems to be a security vulnerability with it, as outlined in Infoworld. It can be serious especially if you’re not all … Continue reading

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Poll: Is "About You" freaky, or what?

OK. I did kind of put the issue of Internet security in your face here. It’s a little hard to miss, those “About You” graphics at the top of this blog. What do you think? Did they freak you out, … Continue reading

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Google goes Chrome

I’m watching as the new kid on the browser front, Google Chrome, makes its first real flight in the wild. I’m reading the reviews, and so far they seem pretty good. A lot faster and less memory-intensive than Firefox, the … Continue reading

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These tools better than a tinfoil beanie

(Disclaimer: I just love these mailbag requests. It indicatessomeone’s reading, paying attention, and maybe doing something. Ormaking suggestions. This one came from Kelly Sonora, who has a techblog, “All Things Internet/Web World Wide.” The article she sent me wasinteresting — … Continue reading

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