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Mossberg: Windows 7 looks good except …

Y’all Windows junkies can’t wait for Version 7? According to Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Windows 7 beats the pants off Vista (which isn’t difficult) and even seems a lot sturdier than XP. (It remains to be seen … Continue reading

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Best engineering happens when system dies

Psion Teklogix’s 7530 is a Windows CE .NET-based handheld that combines an ultra-rugged flashlight terminal with the flexibility and large screen of a Windows CE PDA. This is a fairly large and heavy (over two pounds) handheld that’s engineered for … Continue reading

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Chrome OS: Odds not good, says Wired

Ambitions or not, the new Google Chrome operating system has an uphill battle if it plans to nibble into Microsoft’s edge on the netbook market. But Wired isn’t betting the ranch on this happening: Google’s netbook-friendly Chrome OS takes direct … Continue reading

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Google Chrome-based OS a fit for netbooks?

I sure wasn’t expecting this, though I probably should have. Google is looking at netbooks (those mini-laptops like the one I’m using) and systems that can run them. This announcement is from Lifehacker: In a sudden, if not unexpected, announcement … Continue reading

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