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Single-tasking rules with new text editors

Maybe it’s a longing for a simpler time, or the realization that your computer is loaded with distractions, but lately I’ve been seeing lot of text-editing programs designed to narrow your focus. Multitasking is out now. Welcome to the wonderful … Continue reading

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Can’t go outdoors? See weather virtually

You know about those frequent computer users, be they writers, gamers, cubicle residents, and programmers. They spend hours squinting at an LCD screen to the exclusion of everything else. For some, computers have become a handy alternative to real life. … Continue reading

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An old scam takes a new homegrown tack

You’ve probably seen this scenario in your email box a few times. Someone has lots of money they can’t get to, and wants your help in securing it. Just send a reply, and that’ll start the wheels turning.  But these … Continue reading

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Facebook security issues? It’s the ducky’s fault

Gee everybody’s so friendly on Facebook … probably too much so. Two Facebook users, Daisy Felettin and Dinette Stonily, sent out friend requests to 100 Facebookers each, chosen at randon though concentrating on their own age groups. Between the two … Continue reading

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Chrome browser finally available for Linux

A beta of the Google Chrome web browser is now available for Linux. About time! Downloading now … as I write this. Expect more after I install it. Available in .deb (Debian) and .rpm (Red Hat/Fedora) binaries. Try it with … Continue reading

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Running bombproof Vector Linux on netbook

When it comes to computers, I’m always up to something. It’s probably one of my failings. Although my netbook works very well with the mini-Linux system I recently installed, I wanted to standardize things a bit. I’ve been working toward … Continue reading

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