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Android adjustments 1: Using your phone as a USB drive

As I get more accustomed to my fancy new phone, I’m learning some of its capabilities and limitations, plus a few tricks on the side. i will share some of these over the next few entries. So if you have … Continue reading

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Hipster PDA: Many uses for index cards

It’s still my favorite personal productivity hack, and even though I’m all plugged in with the electronic toys (including an Android phone) I still go back to the Hipster PDA. Shoot, I can spill coffee on it (occupational hazard) but … Continue reading

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Is Overclocking Over?

The upshot: Computers are faster, and there’s less need to push the envelope on what they can do. Or so Slashdot suggests. Too bad. Overclocking (even the little bit that I do with my little netbook without custom parts) is … Continue reading

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Back up with new look, emphasis on hacks

Yeah, I had to do this. Dust off another old blog, dress it up, and run it anew. There are some changes with this one, though. My old tech blog, The Workbench Reloaded (via Blogspot) sat dormant for nearly two … Continue reading

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