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Getting up early in the morning: It takes a village

Rumor has it I’m pure evil when I wake up in the morning, or at least until I’ve had some coffee in my system. It takes me a while to unwind myself from my rack, even longer to get myself … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting: It’s an art

I’ve been knowing this man called Pcunix for about a year. We began reading each other’s stuff on Hubpages, and we regularly follow each other’s literary meanderings. In the interest of making things work, I must share his recent piece … Continue reading

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Android adjustments 2: Preserving battery life

An Android phone puts many functions of a full-sized computer in a package you can stick in your pocket, but there’s a trade-off. It sure is a hog for power. That’s one of the first things I noticed with my … Continue reading

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