Back up with new look, emphasis on hacks

Yeah, I had to do this. Dust off another old blog, dress it up, and run it anew.

There are some changes with this one, though.

My old tech blog, The Workbench Reloaded (via Blogspot) sat dormant for nearly two years after a decent run.

I haven’t lost interest in tech matters. Not at all. But I’ve narrowed it down a little bit. I’m interested in those little tricks, those workarounds, to perhaps make some process easier. Hacks, if you will.

I’m pushing the envelope a little by calling these “hacks,” especially when you read in the newspapers about some destruction “hackers” create. But let’s get something straight: “Hackers” is the wrong term for those idiots. Try “crackers.” Hackers build stuff, crackers tear stuff down.

Got that?

Anyway, I’m not a hacker either. I’m not good enough or resourceful enough to be one, and that title has to be earned. But I can whip together a halfway decent hack when I get a mind to do so.

The best hacks don’t necessarily involve computers either. They may be little tricks to help you get up in the morning, to save a few bucks at the grocery store, to plan out your schedule.

As I see them and test them, I’ll share them.  And I welcome input. If y’all feel like sharing, go for it.



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