Some stats … ’cause I can

Just for giggles, I was able to compile stats of the last 50 people who browsed on the sister site, The Column Reloaded, to illustrate which operating systems and Web browsers are being used by my readers.

Operating systems:

4 used Windows Vista.
38 used Windows XP.
7 used Apple OSX.
1 used what was called an “unrecognized” operating system.

Web browsers:

22 used Internet Explorer. Of those, 13 used version 7.0, and nine ran 6.0.

22 used Firefox. Of these, 16 used version 3.0, five were on 2.0, and one used version 1.5. Interestingly, that one was running the unrecognized OS.

6 used Safari.

(I used The Column, Reloaded because this tech blog is too new to generate any meaningful statistics.)

My blog is certainly not a real good sample of what people are using in their computers. In fact the numbers are practically useless, though they are interesting.

Interesting that Vista hasn’t shown up more in my readership; I’d figured with all that hype somebody would have bought the system. But even brand-new, made-for-Vista-with-the-system-preloaded can be downgraded to XP, and I understand quite a few people have gone that route.

Being a dyed-in-the-wool Linux user, I’m disappointed there are no fellow penguinistas in the mix.

If I was a betting man, I’d say that “unrecognized” operating system is a BSD type. More of an industrial-strength UNIX, largely unknown among the masses but there’s a following there. I’d fooled with BSD systems here and there, but really little more than a test drive. (Linux, too, is built from a UNIX base, and OSX — the MacIntosh system — has its roots in BSD.)

I’m intrigued by that even split between Firefox and IE. Now that’s a real anomaly; in the real world Firefox doesn’t have that big a market share. Most computer users, I’m afraid, think that big “e” icon on the desktop means Internet.

I’m also surprised no one was using Opera. I’ve run that off and on, and always liked it. It’s fast, but you can’t add all those extensions like you can with Firefox.

As for myself, I’m using a Debian Gnu/Linux derivative, with the Sid (unstable — bleeding edge) build. To surf the Web I’m using Iceweasel, an unbranded version of Firefox 3.0.

Where did I get my statistics? Through Feedjit, which provided that “Playing In Traffic” box on this site. Another of those cool tools every blogger should have.

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