Firefox now on more than half of computers

I’m glad to see I’m finally in the majority about something here. Firefox is my go-to browser (I’m using version 3.5.3).
This is from MozillaZine. Have to admit, this site is a little biased, as Firefox comes from Mozilla. I feel better, though, that they quote from other sources:
… it finally happened. After years of building momentum — and more than a few false starts — Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser has finally reached critical mass. There are now more users running some variant of Firefox (50.6 percent) than not running it, according to the latest statistics from the, which tracks the actual usage and configurations of thousands of PCs globally, providing a real-world snapshot …
A couple of things come to my attention here. Firefox is not normally bundled on Windows computers. To get it, you have to take the initiative and download it. This suggests users are getting more savvy about their computers, and less likely to use whatever software set they’re given.
And it’s an indicator of how lacking Internet Explorer really is.
I’ve fooled around with nearly all the browsers that are used these days — IE, Firefox, Seamonkey (which is really just the old Mozilla code with a new name on it), Opera (which I really like), Google Chrome (which is promising), and Netscape (which still exists). Plus a handful of browsers you may not have heard of — Lynx, Konqueror, Skipstone, and eLinks. Not to mention Iceweasel, a rebranded version of Firefox which is more in line with the the GNU (free software) user agreement.
I do have my crochets with Firefox. I’ve had problems with it blowing up in memory and eating system resources like popcorn, though it seems to be less of an issue with 3.5. And it’s real easy to load up extension after extension, making it one real bloated piece of software. But I still recommend Firefox.
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