Computer issues being resolved

I can say it now: The laptop is back among the living.

Most of my software is back up. I’ve knocked off most of my to-do list. I’m writing this column on it, and soon I will upload it and download email and news. I’m extremely pleased.

One of the things I noticed is that, with the new configuration, it’s handling power better. I haven’t checked to see if I’m getting any better battery life, as I tend to forget about things like time when I’m online. Gee, I could fly a passenger jet …

But I have noticed that it’s running much cooler when it’s plugged in to the A/C adaptor. Seriously. It’s not like I took its temperature (I’m not sure where to stick the thermometer), but I can tell the difference. I take that to mean the CPU isn’t working as hard, a good thing.

From my master list, I still need to locate a program that will put the computer into sleep mode when I close the lid. My temporary operating system had that, so this shouldn’t be difficult to find or install. From there, most of the work is either convenience or cosmetic — like rebuilding my menus so they’d be a little more intuituve.

I still want to find an uncorrupted version of the Windows system file I blew out (hal.dll), but there’s no rush there.

For the geekus extremis among us, here’s a printout of some of the basics. If your eyes glaze over when someone mentions “CPU,” feel free to skip over this part:

-Computer- Processor : Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz Memory : 1022MB (267MB used) Operating System : Unknown distribution Date/Time : Tue 27 Oct 2009 01:31:22 PM GMT+5 -Display- Resolution : 1024×600 pixels OpenGL Renderer : Unknown X11 Vendor : The X.Org Foundation -Version- Kernel : Linux (i686) Compiled : #1 Tue May 19 23:43:56 GMT-8 2009 C Library : GNU C Library version 2.9 (stable) -Current Session- Computer Name : epulsifer Desktop Environment : Unknown (Window Manager: Fluxbox) -Misc- Uptime : 17 hours, 5 minutes Load Average : 0.23, 0.15, 0.15

This “uptime” is interesting. Keep in mind, this is a laptop and I don’t have that sleep-mode switch fixed, so it’s been running, powered and plugged in, with the lid closed.

Just for yuks, I checked to see how long my desktop (which also runs on Linux) unit has been booted up without a restart:

7d 17:46

OK. I rebooted that computer a week ago. I usually only shut the desktop down when I’m experimenting with another computer (not enough power cords to go around), replacing a part, or moving the unit.

Just try doing that with Windows.


(Pictured is a screenshot from the laptop. OK, you may not recognize a lot of this stuff if you’re a Windows user. The interface — Fluxbox — is pretty minimal, but it stays out of my way.)

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