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New Firefox makes browser war a fair fight

If you regularly read this space, you’ll notice how the Google Chrome Web browser kind of grew on me, and after my initial reservations I’ve come to love it. Something about its speed. But now Firefox, with its new 3.6 … Continue reading

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Chrome becomes headache on Linux box

I’ll admit it. I had my early misgivings about the Google Chrome browser when it was first coming out. Like, what’s Google doing in the software business? But after using Chrome a few times on Windows systems, it sort of … Continue reading

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After rough start, Firefox marks fifth birthday

I never would have expected this. Firefox is five years old. Despite its promise from the jump, Firefox spent its beta period without any real identity. Literally. At first no one was really sure what to call it. For a … Continue reading

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Firefox now on more than half of computers

I’m glad to see I’m finally in the majority about something here. Firefox is my go-to browser (I’m using version 3.5.3). This is from MozillaZine. Have to admit, this site is a little biased, as Firefox comes from Mozilla. I … Continue reading

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