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Can’t go outdoors? See weather virtually

You know about those frequent computer users, be they writers, gamers, cubicle residents, and programmers. They spend hours squinting at an LCD screen to the exclusion of everything else. For some, computers have become a handy alternative to real life. … Continue reading

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Facebook security issues? It’s the ducky’s fault

Gee everybody’s so friendly on Facebook … probably too much so. Two Facebook users, Daisy Felettin and Dinette Stonily, sent out friend requests to 100 Facebookers each, chosen at randon though concentrating on their own age groups. Between the two … Continue reading

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Chrome OS promising, but it’s more for the future

It won’t be ready for the general public for another year, but the sneak preview of the Google Chrome OS is generating quite a buzz. It may be a Windows-killer, some claim. It’ll put Linux on the map, say others. … Continue reading

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Many social-media games turning into scams

I can’t get into Facebook. I do have an account, though I use it more to communicate with some of my friends. And I can’t see spending a lot of time on it to play the games. I have some … Continue reading

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Internet reaches middle age

Although few had even heard of this Internet thing (then known as the “information superhighway” until the early or mid-1990s, it got its real start 40 years ago this week. It was Oct. 29, 1969 when the first two nodes … Continue reading

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Ways to keep phishers out of your email

A few days ago, I wrote about how phishing (Password Fishing) attacks exposed a lot of Hotmail user accounts. It turns out the attacks were much bigger than Hotmail — Google’s Gmail (which is my go-to email system) got compromised, … Continue reading

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Phish tales: My Twitter, 1000s of Hotmail accounts hijacked

I’m fairly new at this Twitter thing, and I’m still prone to rookie mistakes. And for a few days, I was paying for one. I occasionally get worthless tweets from folks about quick-and-dirty ways to build my traffic. Most of … Continue reading

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Plug-in turns Explorer into nemesis Google browser

Who would’ve thunk it? So you don’t like Internet Explorer. You’d rather play hand grenade volleyball than use IE to browse the web, but the computer isn’t yours. It may be one of those work-issued laptops and you’re stuck with … Continue reading

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Torvalds: Creeping feature-itis bloats Linux

Linus Torvalds is getting nervous about the growth of his creation. At a LinuxCon conference in Portland, Oregon, Torvalds said the Linux operating system is “bloated.” In 1991 Torvalds, then a student in Finland, created the original Linux kernel — … Continue reading

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Gmail account note probably work of fools

I’ve had Gmail accounts for several years now, and just today I received a most disturbing message: Dear Account User, This Email is from Gmail customer care and we are sending it to every Gmail accounts owner for safety. We … Continue reading

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