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New Firefox makes browser war a fair fight

If you regularly read this space, you’ll notice how the Google Chrome Web browser kind of grew on me, and after my initial reservations I’ve come to love it. Something about its speed. But now Firefox, with its new 3.6 … Continue reading

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Got my Chrome on — finally!

After a whole bunch of testing, tweaking, and head-banging, Google Chrome is now working on my Linux box. At issue was an nss file; I’m not real sure what it does, but it makes Chrome work. That’s all I need … Continue reading

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Chrome becomes headache on Linux box

I’ll admit it. I had my early misgivings about the Google Chrome browser when it was first coming out. Like, what’s Google doing in the software business? But after using Chrome a few times on Windows systems, it sort of … Continue reading

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Single-tasking rules with new text editors

Maybe it’s a longing for a simpler time, or the realization that your computer is loaded with distractions, but lately I’ve been seeing lot of text-editing programs designed to narrow your focus. Multitasking is out now. Welcome to the wonderful … Continue reading

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Chrome browser finally available for Linux

A beta of the Google Chrome web browser is now available for Linux. About time! Downloading now … as I write this. Expect more after I install it. Available in .deb (Debian) and .rpm (Red Hat/Fedora) binaries. Try it with … Continue reading

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Computer issues being resolved

I can say it now: The laptop is back among the living. Most of my software is back up. I’ve knocked off most of my to-do list. I’m writing this column on it, and soon I will upload it and … Continue reading

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Resurrecting laptop took plain & fancy fixes

OK. I think I’m back up and running. Was out of the loop for a few days; my main access to the Internet went south until I was able to fix it. This laptop is my mobile workhorse. Although I … Continue reading

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Scareware a big business, but fake virus ‘protection’ can be removed

Viruses and spyware are a real concern when you spend any time on the Internet, and some people are feeding on your fears for big bucks. But while there are quite a few legitimate anti-virus programs out there, there are … Continue reading

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Mossberg: Windows 7 looks good except …

Y’all Windows junkies can’t wait for Version 7? According to Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Windows 7 beats the pants off Vista (which isn’t difficult) and even seems a lot sturdier than XP. (It remains to be seen … Continue reading

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Review: Are Netbooks hip or hype?

I’ve joined the laptop crowd, kinda sorta. Recently I acquired an Acer Aspire One, one of the new breed of mini-laptops that they in the industry call “netbooks.” A pretty handy little device; about the size of a hardback book. … Continue reading

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