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Facebook security issues? It’s the ducky’s fault

Gee everybody’s so friendly on Facebook … probably too much so. Two Facebook users, Daisy Felettin and Dinette Stonily, sent out friend requests to 100 Facebookers each, chosen at randon though concentrating on their own age groups. Between the two … Continue reading

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Many social-media games turning into scams

I can’t get into Facebook. I do have an account, though I use it more to communicate with some of my friends. And I can’t see spending a lot of time on it to play the games. I have some … Continue reading

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Internet reaches middle age

Although few had even heard of this Internet thing (then known as the “information superhighway” until the early or mid-1990s, it got its real start 40 years ago this week. It was Oct. 29, 1969 when the first two nodes … Continue reading

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Facebook password-reset email carries a virus

Sheesh! These writers of viruses and other nefarious code will stop at nothing to spread the love. But while you can see many viruses coming a mile away, I understand this one looks official. This one, a Trojan horse dubbed … Continue reading

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Phish tales: My Twitter, 1000s of Hotmail accounts hijacked

I’m fairly new at this Twitter thing, and I’m still prone to rookie mistakes. And for a few days, I was paying for one. I occasionally get worthless tweets from folks about quick-and-dirty ways to build my traffic. Most of … Continue reading

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Twitter’s appeal: People love the mundane

I’ll have to admit, this Twitter grows on you. A couple of years ago, I hadn’t even heard of Twitter, and even a year ago I wondered what the point of it was. Twitter is called a “microblogging service,” which … Continue reading

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People may pay $100 bounty to crack your Facebook account

It’s a jungle out there. From computerworld.com: … security vendor PandaLabs has discovered an online service offering to help those so inclined to hack into any Facebook account they choose for a price: $100 … Be careful out there! A … Continue reading

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