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No Google Reader? What’ll I do? What’ll I do? (panic)

In my search for an RSS reader to replace the dying Google Reader, I finally settled on Feedly with a few modifications. But that’s me, and I have my own specialized news-reading needs. What about for the rest of us? … Continue reading

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Single-tasking rules with new text editors

Maybe it’s a longing for a simpler time, or the realization that your computer is loaded with distractions, but lately I’ve been seeing lot of text-editing programs designed to narrow your focus. Multitasking is out now. Welcome to the wonderful … Continue reading

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Resurrecting laptop took plain & fancy fixes

OK. I think I’m back up and running. Was out of the loop for a few days; my main access to the Internet went south until I was able to fix it. This laptop is my mobile workhorse. Although I … Continue reading

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Scareware a big business, but fake virus ‘protection’ can be removed

Viruses and spyware are a real concern when you spend any time on the Internet, and some people are feeding on your fears for big bucks. But while there are quite a few legitimate anti-virus programs out there, there are … Continue reading

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Ways to keep phishers out of your email

A few days ago, I wrote about how phishing (Password Fishing) attacks exposed a lot of Hotmail user accounts. It turns out the attacks were much bigger than Hotmail — Google’s Gmail (which is my go-to email system) got compromised, … Continue reading

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Plug-in turns Explorer into nemesis Google browser

Who would’ve thunk it? So you don’t like Internet Explorer. You’d rather play hand grenade volleyball than use IE to browse the web, but the computer isn’t yours. It may be one of those work-issued laptops and you’re stuck with … Continue reading

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Mossberg: Windows 7 looks good except …

Y’all Windows junkies can’t wait for Version 7? According to Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Windows 7 beats the pants off Vista (which isn’t difficult) and even seems a lot sturdier than XP. (It remains to be seen … Continue reading

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Chrome OS: Odds not good, says Wired

Ambitions or not, the new Google Chrome operating system has an uphill battle if it plans to nibble into Microsoft’s edge on the netbook market. But Wired isn’t betting the ranch on this happening: Google’s netbook-friendly Chrome OS takes direct … Continue reading

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Google Chrome-based OS a fit for netbooks?

I sure wasn’t expecting this, though I probably should have. Google is looking at netbooks (those mini-laptops like the one I’m using) and systems that can run them. This announcement is from Lifehacker: In a sudden, if not unexpected, announcement … Continue reading

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Battery life: The ABC’s of YMMV

Wonder why your laptop batteries don’t seem to last as advertised? Here’s an article in Newsweek on how battery life is figured, which illustrates exactly what “your mileage may vary” means. False advertising? You figure it out, but first tell … Continue reading

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